Pat Morrisson founded Footprint Tours, Inc. in October of 1986.  She graduated from Lorain High School in January of 1959 and from Northwestern University (Evanston, IL) in June of 1963 with a degree in Biology.  She taught at Cleveland Heights-University Heights High School until she and her husband had their first child in 1965.  She became a full time mom and with her husband raised three children.  When she returned to teaching in 1984 and 1985, she found that she was no longer able to teach.  Because she had planned trips and traveled with different Girl Scout groups, she started Footprint Tours, Inc.
The name comes from her love of nature.  Before the opening of the company, Pat asked her family for suggestions for the name of the new company.  Those who were interested suggested a total of about thirty names.  Pat had suggested Footprint Tours as in keeping with footprints found in nature.  Her husband, John, was given the task of selecting a name from the 30 that were suggested.  He picked Footprint Tours, Inc.and a former employee, Patty O'Brien, suggested the motto - "We leave our footprints in the best places!"

On October 5, 2006, Footprint Tours, Inc. celebrated their 20th year of motor coach travel.  During this time, we have traveled with many people to many different destinations.  Toronto, Ontario is the destination to which we have traveled the most.  We would go 4 and 5 times a year while The Phantom of the Opera was playing.  The longest trip that we have taken was an eleven day trip with Girl Scouts to Savannah, Jekyll Island and Williamsburg.

We have traveled to and from Miami University more than 280 times.  We started this service in 1986 and in the early 1990's we would run 4 and 5 buses each time.  We presently run two to three buses for each break and holiday.  We believe the difference is in the fact that so many students now have their own cars.

The most difficult trips that Footprint Tours ever ran were two Girl Scout trips to the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta, Georgia.

For many years the busiest months were in May and June with school and Girl Scout trips.

Footprint Tours continues its policy of not planning casino trips.  That is due to the fact that Pat Morrisson has a personal aversion to casinos.  We will include an optional trip to a casino in overnight trips, if one is in the vicinity of our overnight accommodations.

In the summer of 2006 we moved from an office building on Sixth Street in downtown Lorain to the Duane Building on Broadway in downtown Lorain.  We looked at many locations in the area but for many reasons, we chose to remain in downtown Lorain.  From here it is our intent to continue to provide great travel experiences for all.